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Threshold Steel Garage Door Floor

£ 70.87 (Inc VAT) | £ 59.06 (Exc VAT)


Garage Door Floor Threshold Weather Seal Draught Excluder


Creating a seal between the bottom of your door and your garage floor, this threshold seal will guard from a storm, prevent water seeping in, and protect against leaves, dirt, insects and more! 

By sealing gaps from 5 - 13mm left at the bottom of your garage, it prevents draughts so that your garage will stay warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer, keeping energy costs DOWN! 


Every Garage Shield Threshold Seal comes ready to be installed, with free sealant included and easy-to-follow instructions, so that you can storm guard your garage quickly and effectively, with a tight seal secured directly to the floor. 

Made with the finest professional grade quality , this rubber seal is durable and strong enough to drive over. Designed to suit a 2.5m door, but can be cut to size to meet all kinds of threshold requirements. Works with both manual and automatic doors, up and over, sectional, roller (shutter) and side hinged garage doors.


PROFESSIONAL GRADE QUALITY: Our threshold seals are made with heavy duty commercial grade rubber. Seals drafts and gaps up to 5 - 13mm under the garage door.

DEFENDS AGAINST ALL WEATHERS AND DRAUGHTS: Designed to seal directly to the floor to protect from water, leaves, dirt and pests.

COMPLETE WITH FREE SEALANT & EASY TO FOLLOW INSTALLATION GUIDE: Our easy to install DIY kit includes a free tube of sealant to provide a solid and tight seal to the threshold.

SAVES ENERGY AND KEEPS COSTS DOWN: Guards against all weathers so that your garage will stay warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer, whilst saving on energy costs.

GUARDS ALL VARIETIES OF GARAGE DOOR: The rubber threshold is durable and strong enough to drive over, but can also be cut to size depending on your garage threshold requirements. Works with up and over up doors, sectional doors and roller garage doors.

Product Dimensions:

The Garage Shield is designed for 2.5m garages, width = 75mm, height = 13mm. 

Seals gaps of 5 - 13mm under the garage door.


Box Contains: 

1x Garage Shield threshold seal 

1x Sealant to fix the seal to the ground 

1x Easy-to-follow installation guide


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